Ahh finally a place where I can blog about nineteenth century Russian feudal society with a special emphasis on farming techniques…nah I’m just kidding. This is a blog for those of us they call “adults,” but who don’t exactly feel that way. We may act like adults. We go to work and school. We pay our bills. We nourish ourselves, groom ourselves, and we may even clean up after ourselves. To society at large we provide no cause for alarm. Secretly though, we are messes. We eat, but it is way too much junk food. We mask the body odor from lack of showering with copious amounts of deodorant, and sometimes we just can’t help but pay those pesky bills a tad bit late. We also just may not have the best fashion sense….Anyways, if this sounds like you, or even if you just have days like this every once in a while, then for the love of God read this blog. I welcome any and all comments. Please write me stories about your life. We can use this blog as a cathartic experience or in the very least, as a place to revel in mutual hilarity. Warning: there will be a lot of pictures of my cat. That’s just the way it is.